About us

About us

Automationsteknik was established in 1994 and has been part of Levinsgruppen since 1997. The company is mainly run from Levinsgruppen’s head office in Hässleholm, Sweden. We are a full service supplier that provides everything from technical consultancy services to a finished product.

Our company employs about 35 engineers and technicians on a permanent basis.

Mission statement
By being an attractive workplace with a high level of expertise, we will develop the complete automation systems of the future, in both process and industrial automation, and take a prompt, professional approach to eliminating serious production problems.

Our strategy is to be a partner that creates customer benefits through innovative solutions, which also creates competitive advantage for us and the customer
Our goal is to use energy-efficient methods to develop the best automation solutions in a pleasant and stimulating work environment, thus exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Certified management system
We adhere to a management system for quality and the environment and we meet the requirements of SS-EN ISO 9001:2015 and SS-EN ISO 14001:2015.
The management system covers sales, consultancy, design, programming, assembly, installation, commissioning and service in the field of automation.
We strive to continuously improve the working methods employed in our processes, which also facilitates continuous development of our business.



Automationsteknik strives to honour its agreements and commitments. We continuously strive to find out about and take into consideration our customers’ present and future requirements, as well as their preferences regarding quality and the environment.
Our openness and expertise inspire confidence in our customers.


  • will develop the high-quality automation solutions of the future, increasing the lifespan of our customers’ investments as well as saving the environment.
  • will be an attractive workplace by continuing to invest in the development of our staff and therefore our company.
  • will always provide customers with the best support imaginable by maintaining a flexible organisational structure.
  • is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations at the very least.

Jonas Fischer